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The whole difference between construction and creation is exactly this: that a thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructed; but a thing created is loved before it exists.
Charles Dickens

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[spacer]If you're interested in becoming part of the Project and having your work displayed in this gallery, please read these simple yet important directions for participation first.

The Generations Project Gallery
Begun March 1999 - Latest image added: December 2000

Generations Project  [spacer]A single image (generation 0) begins the Project. Someone (perhaps yourself?) views this image and conceives inventive and creative ways to artisticly modify, add to, alter or otherwise make your own mark upon it. The result of that modification begins generation 1, a child of the original and a piece of artwork unto itself. Someone else (perhaps a friend of yours?) views the images and selects one to modify in his/her own fashion and it, too, joins the gallery. In this manner the Project continues, spawning further children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the original parent. Enjoy viewing this unusual gallery, understanding how each piece derives from a previous one, constantly reshaping and refining the vision.
Please also visit the original project:

Project 1 helped me get my feet wet in starting a collaborative project, although the steps involved in the process used proved to be too time-consuming to keep up on a constant basis. Also, I found the response a bit underwhelming; it seems the concept of challenging onesself to try something so different somehow wasn't coming across to many. Therefore, albeit with one block unfinished, Project 1 is now sunsetted and considered completed. My thanks to those who had the understanding and the courage to give it a go!

Original Project 1: The Challenge of Change - Jan. - Feb. 1999
Artists: Varian, ShelleyS, Athy, Sig, Babz, John, Shawn Daniels, LadySara

The Purpose a.k.a. "why bother?"

[spacer]All of the web (and life itself) is a collaborative project. Everyone learns from and picks up ideas from others. How many times have you looked at something -- an image, perhaps -- and said, "I could do something with that," or "I would have done that differently," or "I'd like to take that image and just change this part and that part..."? The Generations project celebrates this collaborative instinct and provides you the opportunity to act upon that inspiration without copyright infringement. The images in this project gallery are available for your modifications -- begging for them, in fact, because that is one of the reasons for their existance. Of course, this allowance is granted to you only if you then submit your modified version to Dreamview Collaborative for others to make use of similarly. Any other use of these images must be negotiated with the individual artists.
[spacer]If you have viewed the images in the gallery and are still asking "why bother?" please don't bother; it's not for you.

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