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Varian's Dreamview

Dreamview Collaborative
How To Participate


Dreamview Collaborative is looking for artists like you to jump in and participate! That is, after all, what collaboration is all about. Time and resources being limited, however, there are a few basic guidelines to follow.

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--> View each of the images in the Generations Project gallery and select one to work from. Make a note of the number of that image (it's on the image filename as well as the chart; for instance, the Parent image is number 0-0). Download the image and bring it into your favorite paint program; make sure you're downloading the full-size image and not the thumbnail. From there, almost anything goes.

--> Be aware that by taking part in this collaborative effort, you are granting permission for others to modify a copy of your work in connection with their own participation in this Project.

--> Do not change the dimensions of the image.

--> It would be nice to see some relationship to the original image still remaining when you're finished, but you can work freehand, use filters, add or remove elements, etc., to make your own version. Be creative and express yourself!

--> Some artistic nudity is permitted, but keep it reasonably modest. I am the judge of what is "reasonably modest" and if your image isn't, you will be asked for a revision.

--> You may include your signature if you'd like, but be aware that it becomes part of the design itself and also open to be modified by those who follow you.

--> When completed, save your new image in .JPG/JPEG format using your name as the filename.

--> Attach the image to an e-mail addressed to collab@varian.net.

--> Include the following info in your mail:
[ 1 ] your name as you would like to have it shown for your credit line
[ 2 ] an URL for your homepage or personal gallery
[ 3 ] the title of your artwork
[ 4 ] the Project number of the image you began with
[ 5 ] a listing of the software tools you worked with
[ 6 ] comments you would like to make about your work, why you picked the particular Project image you chose to work from, or your view about your participation in the Project generally. You don't need to "write a book," but a few personal comments help you be more than just a name to gallery viewers.

--> If you have already contributed to the Project, please allow a full two generations to pass after your image's generation before participating again. I.e. if you created a piece in Generation 3, wait (through generations 4 and 5) until you are able to select a starting image from Generation 6. If you're not sure, drop me a note first.