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Varian's Dreamview

Welcome to my expanding Dreamview area, where you can locate, view, and download various elements of my digital artwork.

Every effort has been made using HTML 4.0 and careful attention to the images to help these pages display quickly and decently in your favorite browser. I hope you enjoy your visit.


To best visually enjoy this area, please download and install my original Dreamview TrueType font for Windows or Macintosh.
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AltaVista Babelfish translations

[spacer] DreamVision DreamVision Galleries
A gathering of my best (or more interesting) digital artwork, with categorized galleries. It has been recently reconstructed, and you can now get an overview of most recent images regardless of category.
DreamModels 3D DreamModels 3D
There are original 3D models here, available in RDS, DXF and VOB formats -- plus surface shaders for Ray Dream Studio. Materials and atmospheres for Vue d'Esprit 3+, Surface Maps and Atmosphere files for Terragen 0.7+, toys for Poser 4+.
DreamStationery DreamStationery for Outlook Express
There are fifty stationery designs here for Outlook Express, which can also be used for web page backgrounds.
DreamColor DreamColor Reference
If you've ever been frustrated trying to track down that "perfect color" for your web page or art project, these charts may offer the assistance you need.
DreamTiles DreamTiles
Although there are innumerable sites for seamless background tiles around the web, I personally enjoy tiles a great deal. I've decided to narrow down the focus of this page to a certain type of tile -- specific objects!
DreamDesign DreamDesign Tutorials
The DreamDesign section has tutorials and tips for creating your own digital artwork from scratch using Paint Shop Pro or any other paint program! Start off by learning how to make simple seamless tiling Scribs! Then move on to many intriguing text effects techniques. There are also special sections for working with 3D items.
DreamEffects DreamEffects for Blade Pro
This section contains nearly 200 special effects presets for use with Blade Pro plus links to similar sites and other Blade Pro information.
DreamTubes DreamTubes for Paint Shop Pro
You can't have too many PSP tubes; want some more? Over one hundred original paint tube files are here for Paint Shop Pro 6+ to add to your collection!
DreamTools DreamTools & Toys
A section of info and links to help answer questions about the graphic tools I work with, with special sections for Terragen, Vue d'Esprit, Poser and PlantStudio.

DreamVista 3D DreamClips
Original clip art you can use. Includes border backgrounds, button sets, people and many assorted design elements.

Varian's Dreamcatcher

Decorating the
World Wide Web
since 1995.

Varian's Dreamview is a portion of Varian's Dreamcatcher and is Copyright ©2004 by Varian.
All rights are reserved.

Varian's Dreamview contains original content. None of this material is to be redistributed on the Web or in any other form without prior consultation with and permission from the author. Exceptions to this statement, granting additional limited rights for particular selected elements, are noted and detailed in context with those particular elements.

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