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Glassmaker sample For an "instant" stained glass effect in any color, be sure to see my Glassmaker preset with simple instructions.

These preset files require
plugins made by Flaming Pear.


Each preview page contains 20 (or so) detailed sample images. These files are offered as freeware and are not to be repackaged or redistributed.

[bullet] Page One
Ambergem, Ambrosia, Amethyst, Art Deco, Autora, Baby's, Bali Hai, Bejeweled, Black Hole, Blue Ivory, Blue Scrape, Blue Thunder, Brittle, Burnt Edge, Carnival Glass, Carved, Celestial Gold, Chili Pepper, Chocolate Shine, Cinnamon
[bullet] Page Two
Cold Steel, Confetti, Cork, Cream Soda, Crimson Glow, Crystal Blue, Crystalize, Denim Patch, Disco, Dracula, Easter, Electric Avocado, Emerald City, Fantasia, Firefly, Foliage, Forest Pine, Frogger, Gilt Edge, Ginger
[bullet] Page Three
Glassmaker, Gleamer, Gleamer2, Glitz, Glowworm, Grasslands, Green Foliage, Happiness, Hedge, Ivory, Jetstream, King's Gold, Lemonade, Metallic Magenta, Midnight, Millenium, Moonlight, Moonshine, Mossy, Mystical
[bullet] Page Four
Oil Spill, Oil Spill2, Onyx Royale, Opalescent, Padded, Party Glitter, Party Pink, Passage, Passionate, Peppermint, Peppermint2, Persian Silk, Pink Ice, Pink Ivory, Pink Satin, Psychedelia, Purple Rain, Reptilian, Roman Gold, Roseheart
[bullet] Page Five
Rough Terrain, Safari, Salamander, Salmon Sheen, Scritch, Sea Breeze, Seaview, Sequins, Shine On, Silkworm, Silverjade, Silver Rose, Sleek Lime, Snake, Solder, Spandex, Spirit, Spookhouse, Squither, Stained Glass
[bullet] Page Six
Basil, Crayon, Crimped, Petals, Stonewashed, Stonewashed2, Summer Sun, Sundried, Sunset, Tarnished, Tarragon, Tiger, Titanium, Trés Chic, Upholstery, Varnished, Violet Shine, Wet Plum, Wrapped, Xmas Ice, Zany Zebra
[bullet] Page Seven
SatinTouch series:
Blue, Gold, Gold2, Green, Lime, Magenta, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, SkyBlue, Turquoise, Violet, Yellow
[bullet] Page Eight
Anenome Shine, Battered Silver, Blue Indent, Brass Band, Bridal Ribbon, Bright White, Chocolate Morsel, Crystal Prism, Ensilvered, Festive Lights, Grape Whisper, High Tide, Honey Nectar, Midnight Sun, Mixed Metals, Molten Gold, Muted Pastels, New Year, Old Cornice, Outliner
[bullet] Page Nine
Cat's Eye, Copper Kettle, Ground Zero, Liquid Copper, Old Memory, Pumpkin Spice, Rare Heirloom, Sea Mist, Siamese Cat, Stamper, Taste of Honey, Temple Gold, Thanksgiving, Touch of Blood, Touch of Jade, Turkey Run, Untamed, Violet Button, Wet Kisses, X Rayz
[bullet] Page Ten
Alice Glass, Brass Fixture, Charcoal Silver, Dewdrop, Diamond Fire, Fluid Emotion, Glimmershine, Heavy Glass, Leaf Blush, Lightning, Liquid Jewel, Magic Candy, Ocean Depths, Pirate Gold, Red Velvet, Silver Mist, Snakeskin, Timid Blush, Trimmer

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Excellent Blade Pro Introduction

Web Graphics on a Budget

Handy Tip:
When using a preset that is almost but not quite right for the appearance you need, use your paint program's options to alter the Hue, Saturation or Brightness to suit your intention. It's much simpler and more precise than attempting to fine-tune the preset itself.

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Varian's Dreamcatcher
Varian's Dreamview: DreamEffects is a portion of Varian's Dreamcatcher
and is Copyright ©2004 by Varian.  All rights are reserved.

None of this material is to be redistributed on the Web or in any other form without prior consultation with and permission from the author. Exceptions to this statement, granting additional limited rights for particular selected elements, are noted and detailed in context
with those particular elements.

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