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The Dreamfonts pages illustrate the fonts I've designed for use on my own Web pages, as well as some additional fonts I'm making that are also suitable for using on the Web with the <FONT FACE> tag or Cascading Style Sheets. The Dreamers series contain a complete family with a full set of upper- and lowercase, numbers and punctuation; many of the other series also include extended characters and sometimes a few dingbats. These fonts are free for the download in TrueType format for Mac or PC.

Will-Harris House provides directions for TrueType font installation for Windows and for Macintosh.

Each font takes me 20-30 hours of slow and meticulous attention over time to produce and is mainly designed to be used for WorldWide Web home pages and on-screen viewing. Although each has passed scrutiny for Web use on both Windows and Macintosh systems before being made available here, there are no guarantees these fonts will work properly on your system nor in all applications.

Sorry, I don't do requests. I'm also very bad about responding to mail, but Guestbook comments are always appreciated, so if you want to tell me how much you're enjoying the free fonts, please do. :)

PLEASE NOTE: Although I began making these fonts in 1997, there are a number of factors involved that make the production a very slow process from initial development to when they can be publically released. My intention is to not need to make any further updates to the files once they reach this page, so I would rather take the time up front and be more certain of the quality of the product I'm offering. I will be the first to admit they are not professional quality, although for casual use you probably won't notice any difference.


[bullet] About Varian's Dreamfonts
Dreamfonts are particularly designed to be useful on the WorldWide Web. This means the filenames contain no spaces or extended characters, making them easy to add to the <FONT FACE> tag. The type is optimized proportionately for the screen so that no special adjustments are needed to <FONT SIZE> in order to view them legibly at standard browser settings. Best of all, Dreamfonts are completely free of charge and freely distributable. This means you can keep the font file in your server space and invite your visitors to download it to view its use on your webpage.

[bullet] License Agreement
These fonts are offered freely, but they are not public domain. In a nutshell version, by downloading any of these font files, you are acquiring a license that allows you to use and redistribute it provided *NO FEE* is charged for it in any manner. Be sure to read this License Agreement for additional details before downloading.

[bullet] Tech Details
Here are the software tools I rely upon most when making Dreamfonts.

[bullet] Fonts in the Making
There's always a new Dreamfont in the process of being developed.

Web Fonts Reference
If you're new to using alternate fonts on the web or just want a refresher, here are tips for selecting and coding, plus links to additional web fonts sources.

[bullet] Disclaimer
Please keep in mind that I do this only as a hobby. Unlike professionally designed fonts, Dreamfonts are optimized to look best in <FONT FACE> enabled browsers at the typical settings. They have worked well on my system and those of my testers. They may not work properly on your system nor in all applications. If you experience problems arising from the use of any of these files, remove the font from your system. Sorry, but I cannot respond to queries related to your system nor offer tech support assistance.
[bullet] Dreamers - 2 families
The Dreamers series fonts are what could be called my "core fonts," designed for main text use on the web; I use them on my own pages. Dreamers contain complete families with full upper- and lowercase letters, including extended characters for international use, numerals, punctuation and the occasional dingbat.

[bullet] Sirens - 1 font
The Sirens series is comprised of faces I just couldn't resist making. They are built to be suited to the web and could be used for main text. Sirens sport both upper- and lowercase, numerals and punctuation, but most of them do not contain extended characters except for ©, ® and ™, which I consider minimum.

[bullet] Yesfonts - 4 fonts
The Yesfonts series are also optimized for web use, but are inspired from album covers of the Yes music group and those of Jon Anderson. Being quite decorative, most of them probably serve best for display (headings, titles) rather than main text. Yesfonts contain upper- and lowercase, numerals, punctuation and logo dingbats. Some also have extended characters.

[bullet] Teasers - none online yet
The Teasers series is comprised of fonts I made just for the fun or the challenge of it. They are optimized for the web , but probably would not be suitable for main text unless you want a really unusual look for your page! Teasers sport both upper- and lowercase, numerals , punctuation, and perhaps a dingbat or two. Some also have extended characters.


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