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1 Sirens font is now
online and more will
be added soon.
The Sirens series is comprised of faces I just couldn't resist making. They are built to be suited to the web and could be used for main text, though most don't have full families. Sirens sport both upper- and lowercase, numerals and punctuation, but most of them do not contain extended characters except for ©, ® and ™, which I consider minimum.

Each time a new Siren enters development, I add a brief description to this listing so you can get an idea of what is in the process of coming. As it reaches alpha, a graphic will be added. When it has finished testing and is released, it will be linked, ready to download and use. To see the stages of development that Dreamfonts files take, follow this link.
[bullet] Online! Dreamcolor
fat, sassy, modernistic

Reach a fuller preview and the font file here

a favorite art nouveau style jazzed for the web

a somewhat cursive serif

an all-caps cross between Gothic and Roman

stylized sans-serif

a calligraphic with flair




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