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This image was created in response to an ArtExercise challenge topic.

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Still Life

Angel Gabriel's Cluttered Desk


Tools: Vue d'Esprit 3
Freeware models:
My own - horn, chalice, balm bottle, gemstones, window panels; - globe, chair, chest, maps, inkpot, pens, stacked books; "Sparky" ( - elephant; - lamp; - key, great hall (curtains); - star of David; John Spirko ( - feather; - candle and holder; "Kerrwolf" ( - study table; - sun symbol; Unknown - moon symbol, sword, open book, Buddha, Rubik's cube

There was an exercise from last summer which posed the question: if the archangel Gabriel had a desk, what would it be cluttered with? This image is my answer to that question. It is marked as "2" because it is the second (completely different) version from my initial foray into the exercise. As the first is destined to just fade away, I will most likely remove this "2" after a time. This marks my most ambitious Vue d'Esprit scene to date; the file weighs over 20 MB!