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Angel Web Graphics

This won't be "one-stop shopping" for all your angel web graphic needs, but it may come close. I began creating these items in 1997 and continue to add to them every 3-6 months or whenever I feel inspired. The original web graphics contained within are offered as copyrighted freeware -- or in other words, royalty free.

What that means is that you are invited to download the designated graphics and use them on your own web pages without charge (though I request a credit link). What you're not allowed to do is link to them on my server, modify them, add them into other collections (on the web, CD or anywhere) nor sell them.

If you agree with those terms, you're ready to browse! You'll find seven categories below, displaying the selections which you'll be able to view at full-size, along with any additional information that might be helpful. Have fun!

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[bullet] Image Treasures
"Bite-size" angel graphics in many styles and colors. Medallions and web page "stickers" to help illustrate your angel pages or add an angelic touch to others.
[bullet] Verbal Trinkets
Not all angels but related to and about angels, this section has graphic verbal treats for when you want to add a little "voice" to a page.
[bullet] Buttons, Bars, & Bullets
Web page essentials to reflect your angels themed page. Not many bars or buttons yet, but a good icon/bullet selection.
[bullet] Tile Backgrounds
Angel background seamless tiles for that allover appearance.
[bullet] Border Backgrounds
Angel background graphics with a border styling. Not a whole lot here yet.
[bullet] Copyright-free Clip Art
I did not create the items in this category, but they are part of my own angel clip art collection. I am simply making them available for you. These selections are each copyright-free or public domain and freely modifiable.

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If you download from AngelKisses,
here's how to give credit and add a link!

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Related Dreamcatcher Areas
If your interest is in finding downloadable web graphics, you may enjoy these other sections of my website as well.

Varian's Dreamview [bullet] Varian's Dreamview
My art-focused section, featuring additional samples of my digital artwork, which were created for a variety of illustrative purposes, tutorials for creating your own graphics from scratch, backgrounds and tiles for wallpaper, PSP Paint Tubes, stationery for Outlook Express, fractals, plus an array of 3D models and shaders for Ray Dream Studio.

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Cyber Art Web Ring
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More Angels For The Web
Here are links to more sites around the web that are offering angel clip art, backgrounds, buttons and other graphics for decorating your angel-themed web pages.

Barry's Clip Art Server
You might want to browse Barry's for hours. There are many treats in store. Not many angels, but plenty of extras like stars, candles, etc. is a searchable database of the best "free graphics" sites on the web, especially nice because they accept only sites by the original artist, not archive collections where you never really know where the images came from. Sites are reviewed, rated, and divided into categories for easy browsing -- or you can search the entire database for links to your specific graphic needs. They don't have an "angel" category, but you'll be able to find many sites through here that do have angels offered; try a search!

Borders by Silverhair
Much more than border backgrounds. There are a few angels in the Victorian category.

Blondie Graphics
A very nice assortment of original country/folk style angels.

Marvelicious Bordered Backgrounds
If you especially enjoy Victorian angels or cute cherubs, this is the place to look for essential page needs.

Mary Garren's Animated Angels
Several royalty-free angel animations. 

Religious Icon & Image Archive
Several items of royalty-free angel clipart here, most in color.

Acacia Victorian
Over fifty Victorian angel images, including ornament-framed thumbnails, that are all offered for your royalty-free use.

4Free Angel Cybergreeting Cards Links
Extensive links to help you find electronic angel postcards to send to your friends. Also includes a link list of many angel-related websites.

Timo's Christian Clipart Site
Nice assortment of (mostly) line art images, with a section of angels.

Wizzle's Angel Collection
Nicely done selection of web backgrounds, images and cards.

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