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Here are new levels I've designed for the Kye v.2.0 arcade puzzle by Colin Garbutt. This game is a lot of fun, and it can be quite challenging. I hope you have fun with the levels I've made. They are each playable, although a few might take some practice to master. 

Each KYE file contains six levels and are offered here as freeware. Please don't separate them or add them into any other collection; thanks.

Graphic Previews & Download

Varian's Kye 96-1


Varian's Kye 96-2

Here are a couple other Kye sites you'll also want to visit:

The UnOfficial Kye Homepage
Where you can collect new levels weekly and network with other Kye fans.

The UnOfficial Kye Distribution Page
Where you can collect new levels and the program itself if you don't already have it.

Jose Gimenez's Kye Page
Great introductory page for Kye, with tips, links and other info.


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