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Chalk up another winning element for Microsoft. Their V-Chat 3D virtual worlds software is not only still the best, but now it's available to the entire internet and completely for free! On this page, you'll find my original avatars to download and also my redesigns of V-Chat worlds that can be used to expand your selection of 3D chat environments. For more details about V-Chat itself and to download the software, visit the V-Chat homepage.

In V-Chat, you are represented by an animated character known as an avatar. I've put up this page to make my original, animated avatars easily available to other V-Chat users. To check them all out, open V-Chat 2.0 and select Avatar > Download
...then paste in this URL:

To just grab one or two, open V-Chat 2.0 and select Avatar > Download
...then paste in the URL shown by the preview image of the avatar you wish to use below. (There aren't many here yet, but I will be adding to these as time passes.)
v_smile This one makes me happy just to look at. Great for when you're in a good mood...or want to be.
v_handlite Sort of like the Addams' Family's Thing, this hand has its own special personality.
v_handdark Identical to the above, but in a shade for darker skin.
v_lunch Useful avatar for those times you need to step away from the keyboard for several minutes. This flashing sign lets others know you're not really present.
v_bulb So you've always wanted to be a light bulb? Here's your chance...
v_pearly This angel was made quickly and simply, but it has some interesting expressions.
def-angel Not entirely original, this avatar is an angelic redesign of V-Chat's default "ghost." Some gestures are completely new.

If you're interested in creating your own avatars for use in V-Chat, be sure to get your free copy of Avatar Wizard.

More avatars for V-Chat can be found in the MadWeb archives on the web.


It's great to have a 3D environment in which to meet new friends and chat the hours away, but it's even better to have a wide number of worlds to choose from according to your mood. I've been having fun redesigning the standard V-Chat worlds to give them a new look and feel. I hope you will enjoy these worlds for your next chat.

To use a world for the first time, open V-Chat 2.0 and connect. Create a new room/channel that permits you operator status (host). Now go to Room > Room Properties. Where it says "Room Art", paste in the world.adf URL below to a world that you would like to use. (Copy it easily from here by right-clicking and choosing Copy Link Location.) After you have downloaded the world the first time, you will find it listed in your Room Art list in the future (unless/until you delete it).

World: FractalFun

FractalFun (world.adf)
Artistic and somewhat mystical, featuring original fractal artwork.
Total World Size: 1.04mb
Built on: Cartoon City

World: PearlyGates

PearlyGates (world.adf)
Relax within the clouds while stars fly past.
Total World Size: 1.59mb
Built on: Paradise Island

World: Angeldreams

Angeldreams (world.adf)
Be softly soothed by angels and portals to my Angeldreams web pages.
Total World Size: 834kb
Built on: Compass

World: Between-World

Between-World (world.adf)
A zany, illogical world where everything blends into everything else. Great fun.
Total World Size: 1.09mb
Built on: The Lodge

World: TrippyTable

TrippyTable (world.adf)
I've always liked Tabletop in spite of its simplicity, so here is my (quite colorful) version.
Total World Size: 539kb
Built on: Tabletop

World: ParrishGardens

ParrishGardens (world.adf)
Very peaceful and soothing atmosphere designed with and featuring the paintings of Maxfield Parrish.
Total World Size: 1.25mb
Built on: The Lodge

World: HappyPlace

HappyPlace_Gallery (world.adf)
A silly little happy place which serves as a gallery for the worlds I've created thus far.
Total World Size: 625kb
Built on: Default Homespace

I would like to give special thanks to Ron Molina ("Ronmol") who particularly inspired me with his world redesigns and helped me in my first steps getting started. Also thanks to René Kempers ("Klarkx") for passing along several tips and tricks. (And a chocolate bar to ^v^ because he helped, too!)

More Worlds
Copy and add these URLs to your V-Chat world Art list for some excellent examples of redesign creativity at work.

By Ron Molina
[spacer]Camelot (world.adf)
[spacer]Underwater Paradise (world.adf)
[spacer]Eyes - Teen Hangout (world.adf)
[spacer]made for Blue_Eyes (world.adf)

By René Kempers
[spacer]KlarkxLobby (world.adf)
[spacer]Firecracker Ball (world.adf)

by Others
[spacer]Morningstar's Forest Glen (world.adf)
[spacer]Morningstar's Cave Bar (world.adf)
[spacer]Totobank Italia Disco (world.adf)
[spacer]SnowAngel's Virtual Chapel (world.adf)

If you're interested in building your own V-Chat world redesigns, here are a few pages to check out and study:
Making a V-Chat World
Optimal Enjoyment of V-Chat (René's pages)
SnowAngel's World Creating Help


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